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Welcome to
ROCK LINK Geological Consultants Ltd.

ROCK LINK Geological Consultants Ltd. is a private company registered under the Companies Act (Cap. 486). The company is young and dynamic, offering comprehensive geological and engineering consultancy services that meet the international standards, using modern technology. The firm comprises a team of highly qualified and experienced personnel, committed to Integrity, Hard work and Excellence.

The company has ventured into Geophysical and Hydrogeological surveys, water well drilling, coring and Geotechnical works, both in consultation, supervision and contracting.

ROCK LINK Geological Consultants Ltd has more 8 drilling rigs which are capable of core drilling, boring and water well drilling in various underground formations, diameters and depths. The rigs are portable and can access very hard to reach areas since they can be disassembled and easily carried by persons, boats, Vans, planes or donkeys.

The company has worked in a number of projects within and outside Kenya, and has the necessary resources and expertise to tackle jobs of different kinds.

Our clients range from Non-Governmental Organizations, private individuals/organizations to government organizations.

Our Core Mandate
What We Belief
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Our Mission

To offer highly competitive consultancy services in Geology, Geo-technical and Environmental issues using new and innovative technology that meets the total needs of our clients.

Our Core Values

At ROCK LINK Geological Consultants Ltd, we have maintained our reputation as a trusted, highly-skilled and reliable partner in serving our Clients for more than 10 years. We achieved this by staying true to our Core Values

  • Integrity
  • Hard work
  • Excellence

Our Vision

To be the region’s leading consultant in all geology, Geo-technical and environmental matters.

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